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Unitrends, a market leader in the US for enterprise-level data protection, wanted to set up a loyalty program to maximize the potential of its vast database by transforming it into a powerful sales lead generation engine. UniRewards, its loyalty platform developed by Fielo, encompasses all possible contacts within the program, including employees, customers, and `fans`, and delivers customised portal experiences, engagements and rewards to each, depending on their levels of activity and the quality of their leads. Despite the scale and complexity of the task, the entire project was completed and launched within a month.

What were our challenges?

  •  Create a self-sustaining lead generation engine
  •  Increase customized engagements with multiple Sales Channels
  •  Enhance the Partner Portal experience
  •  Fast and Flexible control of data, content, rewards, and incentive points
  •  Complete internal admin control of the back end including redemption transactions
  •  Tracking member activity and performance

What was the solution?

Fielo’s solution allowed for flexibility & customization at an affordable price. Features included:

-          customizable database to track purchase behavior

-          powerful analytics and reports

-          rules engine and promotion capability configured to every need

-          social media integration

-          Seamless integration with Salesforce platform for uniformity of data and processes

How did it improve their business?

  •  Record growth in lead generation and sales
  •  Enhanced brand awareness
  •  Increased open communication with Sales Channels
  •   New Marketing Tool: used to educate channel partners on products and promotions.
  •  Complete control over managing the program
  •  Analytics & Reporting: especially cross tabulation of lead generation activity, redemption activity and sales as a result of integration with the Salesforce platform
  •  Speed of delivery: Deployment of platform, including customization, completed in one month

Member referral
This is a single step process where the member can send an invitation to a prospective lead, either directly via the fielo platform or as a manual link that they can copy and paste to distribute via an email.

Lead/Opportunity Generation
Unirewards incentivizes the lead nurturing process, where members receive points for leads that are verified by Unitrends. As leads are converted to opportunities that are closed, the member receives more points based on the size and type of sale. This functionality has been responsible for record sales at Unitrends.

Points via Code Entry
Members can put a manual code into the member portal to receive their points. This functionality can be used as a unique marketing tool by Unitrends. For instance, at trade shows Unitrends can distribute manual codes to encourage event participants to become members of the Unirewards program.

Rewards are given in the form of gift codes and pre-loaded cash cards. Fielo handles all reward management and code redemption.

Partner Portal
Given the highly flexible and dynamic nature of the of the member portal, Unitrends moved their entire partner portal of resources and databases to the Unirewards platform, created by Fielo.

Unitrends has complete control over the administration and management of their Unirewards loyalty program, including changing the rules engine, approving transactions and tracking activity via customized dashboards.