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Escaping Commoditization

How Fielo helped HTP reach and engage their indirect channels change their game plan

Founded in 1974, HTP Inc. is an American manufacturer of heating systems and domestic hot water heaters. The company strives to make the most efficient, user-friendly products on the market today. With state of the art technologies and a focus on high efficiency, they are leaders in the heating industry.

What were our challenges?

With over 30 authorized representatives that either sell directly to contractors or through distributors, HTP Inc had little information and contact with the contractors who actually purchase their products. Also, the company wasn't sure what the best course of action was in relation to their needs. They needed to:

  •     Understand their Contractor Customer Base
  •     Drive contractors to buy more
  •     Promote the Brand
  •     Quickly implement a customized B2B loyalty program
  •     Partner with an experienced team of Consultants to design the optimal program for their needs.

What was the solution?

Fielo’s solution allowed for flexibility & customization at an affordable price. Features included:

  •     customizable database to track purchase behavior
  •     powerful analytics and reports
  •     rules engine and promotion capability configured to every need
  •     social media integration
  •     Seamless integration with Salesforce platform for uniformity of data and processes

How did it improve their business?

  •     Hyper Quick Deployment cycle: HTP Rewards was live in five weeks
  •     Powerful way to Drive Revenues: increased sales of desired product lines and increased overall spend
  •     Potent Business Intelligence tool: tracks and analyses customer purchase behavior in real time to improve business practices
  •     New Marketing Tool: used to educate member base about new products and promotions. Closes the communication & engagement gap between HTP and its best customers for mutual benefit



After researching many potential loyalty solutions, HTP chose Fielo for its flexibility, customizability, and affordability.

  • Fielo captures information on contractors into a customizable database, tracking their buying habits and leveraging powerful analytics and reports.
  • With the Fielo rules engine and promotion capability, HTP configures how and when to incent contractors to choose their products.
  • Digital presence is enhanced with social media integration on the member portal as well as the member get member campaign via email and Facebook.
  • Fielo resides in HTP’s Salesforce platform for seamless uniformity of data and processes, such as analytics and validation of members and purchases in the closed loyalty program


  • Fast Deployment: HTP Rewards was live in 5 weeks, including all customization and configuration of the loyalty program.
  • Drive revenue: HTP Rewards runs specialized promotions to increase sales of desired product lines, as well as to increase overall spends.
  • Business Intelligence: HTP now tracks and interprets contractor behavior and purchase patterns like never before, leveraging the data to improve their entire business cycle from Product Development to Sales.
  • Marketing Tool: HTP Rewards is a new tool in their marketing arsenal. Via the member portal, HTP educates their membership base on new product lines and promotions. HTP Rewards enables direct engagement between business and customers by offering priority customer support and direct marketing to members. This closes the gap between their business and their best customers. Regular webinars educate contractors about the loyalty program and its benefits.

Key Performance Indicators

As a result of the HTP Rewards program, HTP can now directly engage with and capture data on their best contractors:

  •       Within the first 3 weeks, HTP Rewards had enrolled almost 100 members. The profiles of these members ranged from 1-man businesses to large, metropolitan contractors.
  •    HTP Rewards offers priority customer support to members. This is important to contractors who need urgent support with their customers, especially in the winter.
  •       To educate reps about HTP Rewards, HTP launched webinars, emailed informative marketing materials, and created a digital brochure for Sales Reps.