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Coca Cola Enterprises (France) originally approached Fielo with a very specific brief to improve the engagement levels of their existing Customer Rewards & Recognition program, primarily by incorporating mobile features and greater scalability. CCE challenged Fielo to deliver a fully functional platform including these additional features within 6 months, in direct competition with its existing vendor. What Fielo came back with was a program that far exceeded CCE expectations and the entire project was delivered within 3 months. The program, called Pro Avec Vous (, has eight primary functions:
  • Present customers with tips & recommendations to better manage their business
  • Enable improved engagement with customers by providing them with special deals, negotiated between CCE and other third party vendors to increase business profitability
  • Provide a platform for customer interactions and conversations around news or topics of interest thereby creating a vibrant customer community
  • Empower customers to gather reward points easily by using an app that allows them to submit all brand related activity via photos
  • An easy-to-use rewards redemption catalog that makes the whole program exciting and dynamic
  • A CCE events calendar where customers can sign up to participate
  • A knowledge platform to share the latest brand information to keep customers updated
  • A Member Get Member program
What were our challenges?
▪       Ensuring full mobile support and Responsive Web Design to deliver a seamless program experience

▪       Delivering a remote project that required a fully functioning system in French

▪       Managing the look & feel of the front-end under strict branding guidelines from the CCE visual identity team

▪       Meeting a very tight project deadline that was non-negotiable and therefore left no room for error

▪       Working with a global CCE project team that was dispersed over 4 countries and multiple time zones
▪       The scope of the project increased as the CCE team uncovered the extensive functionalities of Fielo, leading to new ideas and concepts that enhanced the final project
What was the solution?

Fielo’s solution for CCE created an easy to access, dynamic platform where customers could interact and engage in a variety of activities, all of which earned them points and rewards. The program is now completely customizable by the CCE team who have full access to the back-end. They created new plans and programs to keep pace with their customers as they have evolved in the ever changing retail landscape. Some of the specific functionalities included:
  •      a 4D profile of their customers to allow for highly sophisticated 1-on-1 engagement powerful analytics and reports.
  •      rules engine and promotion capability configured to every need
  •      comprehensive and seamless access to the program via all mobile devices
  •      Seamless integration with Salesforce platform for uniformity of data and processes
  •      Integration with third party platforms for stock management, order delivery and call centers
How did it improve their business?

▪    The KPIs regarding improved customer engagement have far exceeded projected expectations
▪    Enhanced brand relationship with customers
▪    Rapid and early adoption of the program by customers
▪    Increased open communication with customers
▪     New Marketing Tool: used to educate customers on products and promotions and to keep them updated on the latest brand news
▪     Complete control over managing the program
▪     Speed of delivery: Deployment of platform, including customization, completed in three months (vs the initial deadline of six months)
▪     Work has begun to roll this program out to 5 other countries.