How do I get my sellers to sell more?

By Anna Sophie Gross Feb 16, 2018

If it’s higher volume of sales you’re looking for from your contractors, sellers and distributors, you’re definitely part of a very popular club. The good news is that engagement software is perfectly tailored to enable suppliers to drive and incentivize higher sales volumes from their seller base.

How Fielo can streamline your lead and opportunity management

By Anna Sophie Gross Feb 13, 2018

Incremental reward functions create incentives along deal processes from first interest, when a new lead is created, through to qualified lead, when an opportunity is created, and finally to sales order processing. Opportunities can be divided into several stages to suit the unique deal registration trajectory at each company.

How to evaluate your resellers beyond revenue… brand advocacy      

By Anna Sophie Gross Feb 9, 2018

This post explains how manufacturers can incentivize revenue-driving brand advocacy from their resellers. It's the fourth and final part of our series on looking beyond 'quantity of sales' when rewarding contractors, distributors and vendors.

Using Information as a unique channel partner reward currency [+ Download our Free Guide]

By Anna Sophie Gross Jan 31, 2018

In our newest eBook, designed specifically for manufacturers, we explain why you need to be sharing your extremely valuable information about consumer habits and interests with your channel partners, equipping and empowering them with knowledge that will enable them to sell more products and become more effective brand advocates