The Power of Fielo’s Analytics

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 19, 2018

The post explains how Fielo's clever Analytics allow you to track and measure your program and members, evaluating everything against clearly set ROI objectives. 

How do I teach my sellers those all-important ‘soft’ sales skills?

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 8, 2018

Take a read of our post for Manufacturers which explains how a reseller program can help your distributors, resellers, marketers and contractors build and develop pre and post sale skills which will increase your revenue

How do I evaluate my resellers beyond revenue? ... Sales Performance

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 5, 2018

Manufacturers, check out our post on the importance of assessing your resellers' overall sales performance. It's the second in our four part series on how to avoid the trap of only rewarding and incentivizing distributors, sellers and marketers for quantity of sales!

One of Fielo's star apps can help you educate your resellers

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 1, 2018

You're in charge of making sure all of your partners and resellers are engaging with your products and selling to the best of their ability. There's a killer app which will make your life a whole lot easier: Fielo’s Training Incentives application provides you with the tools to motivate your channel partner program members to expand their product knowledge and has a huge impact on reseller loyalty and sales.