'The Art of Co-Selling' - Thanks for having us, Salesforce

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 30, 2018

It was an honor to be asked to participate in “The Art of Co-Selling Panel” at the Salesforce Partner Forum in NYC. 

A special thanks to Wei Chu, Managing Director of Accenture, for joining us to talk about the relationship between Fielo and Accenture.

The other panel members were great too: Gireesh Sonnad, CEO of Silverline, and John Stewart, CEO of MapAnything.

The panel was really well attended, with the standing room filled with ISVs, SIs, and partners looking to learn more about building great relationships.

It was a fantastic opportunity to talk about how to establish trusted relationships:

o  How to connect

o  How to approach the client with a joint solution

o  Keeping the customer as the first priority

o  Fulfilling customer needs and helping each other out

All the panelists talked about why these relationships are important to them, from both the ISV and the partner perspective and provided good context about the nature of these relationships. There was also a brief and illuminating discussion about certification, approaching clients and support.

Big thanks to everyone who made it and, to everyone else, we hope to see you at the next!