Welcome to the Fielo blog

By Anna Sophie Gross Feb 17, 2016

Hi and welcome to our new Fielo blog. Here, we will bring you relevant information about channel incentivization and loyalty, with subject matter expertise, best practices and useful articles that come from numerous successful global implementations of our Incentive Automation software for Channel organizations

Learnings from Manufacturers: Channel and Customer Loyalty becomes critical

Sep 22, 2017

Participate today in the “Customer & Channel Incentive and Loyalty Program Trends” Survey and learn valuable insights

Why a Native Salesforce Solution is the way to go for channel engagement

By Anna Sophie Gross May 26, 2017

You're in charge or reseller performance, and you're stumped as to which avenue to take to engage your partner base. Check out this post, Part One of our series on why AppExchange is the best place to go hunting for software that will help you incentivize and engage your reseller base.

How to pick a sales app on Salesforce?

By Anna Sophie Gross May 22, 2017

For those in a sales leadership role, arming sales reps with the right technology  is the key to ensuring seller loyalty and engagement as well as revenue growth. Sales apps on Salesforce provide a wide range of tools that help all aspects of your sales operations. 

One of Fielo's star apps can help you educate your resellers

By Anna Sophie Gross May 18, 2017

You're in charge of making sure all of your partners and resellers are engaging with your products and selling to the best of their ability. There's a killer app which will make your life a whole lot easier: Fielo’s Training Incentives application provides you with the tools to motivate your channel partner program members to expand their product knowledge and has a huge impact on reseller loyalty and sales.